Terms of AMIDOWN online store


1.1. The owner of an online store operating under the internet address www.amidown.eu (hereinafter referred to as : the Website) is: Amidown David Mielczarski Szyszyńskie Holendry 308, 62-561 Ślesin NIP 665-263-53-54, REGON 302425536,

hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider.

1.2. Through the Website the Service Provider is leading an online store (hereinafter referred to as „Store”), which offers the sale of goods and services electronically. Terms of Use of the Store are defined in these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the „Terms„). In terms of services provided electronically, the Terms are the rules referred to in Article. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (Dz. U. of 2013, pos. 1422 ie., As amended.).

1.3. The Store is a website through which the Service Provider sells goods via the Internet.

1.4. The buyer of the goods offered in the Store, is a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, and having the capacity to perform legal acts which under the terms of these Terms shall register or be registered in the Online Shop (hereinafter referred to as the Customer)

1.5. The Customer is a natural person who makes orders in the Store not directly linked to the conducted business or professional activity, „Consumer”. hereinafter referred to as the Customer

1.6. Viewing content of the Store does not require any data, especially an account on the Website.

1.7. Contact with the Service Provider is available by phone +48 667 887 227 weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm, and the e-mail address: office@amidown.eu. Price per call rates the provider of services used by the caller as for mobile calls to the Plus network.

1.8 Using the Online Store by the user can be provided under the computer system’s following minimum technical requirements: a. Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later ActiveX enabled, JavaScript and cookies, or b. Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or later support for Java applets enabled, JavaScript and cookies, c. Minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

1.9 The User using the Online Store is obliged to comply with the Terms.


2.1. Sales of goods by the Store takes place through the conclusion via the Internet a sales contract. Sales contract occurs by placing an order by the Customer by filling in the appropriate position in the order the form available on the Website.

2.2. The subject of the contract are goods displayed on the Website and offered by the Store at the time of ordering.

2.3. Prices of products in the offer of the Store are gross prices and include VAT. Prices do not include shipping costs, which are indicated at the time of order.

2.4. Orders placed by Consumers are implemented according to the prices in force at the date of the order visualized in the picture or description of goods. Prices of goods are retail prices and include all taxes. Prices are quoted in Polish zlotys.


3.1. Placing orders is also possible without first registering an account on the Website.

3.2. Registering an account by the user is filling in the registration form, available on the Website with following information: user name and e-mail address and password, and data necessary to place orders, acceptance of, and selecting „Register” button.

The condition of registration is the acceptance of the Terms and consent to the processing of personal data on the terms described in the Terms.

3.3. Following the registration, the user is assigned with an account, enabling the identification of actions taken by the user through the Website, including orders in the Store.

3.4. Access to the account is possible after the introduction name and password assigned to the account. The password must be kept secret and protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

3.5. The Service Provider provides the ability to delete your account at any time by sending an appropriate request to the address of the Service Provider office@amidown.eu Cancellation of the account does not affect the implementation of fulfilling orders confirmed by the Service Provider (the agreement has been concluded which does not deprive the Consumer the right to withdraw from the contract on conditions described in the Terms).

3.6. The account service on the Website is provided by the Service Provider free of charge.

3.7. The Service Provider may temporarily suspend access to your account, or terminate access to the user account with preserving one week notice period (e-mail notice), in event of using the account in a manner inconsistent with the Terms or contrary to its intended purpose.


4.1. In case of non-payment by the Customer within 5 working days, the orders will be canceled; the Customer will be notified via e-mail.

4.2. Fulfillment of order starts:

  1. a) in case of orders paid by bank transfer – after posting the funds to the bank account of the Service Provider,
  2. b) in case of online payment through the PayPal system – when the Customer receives an automatic e-mail with information about the acceptance of payments,

4.3. At a time when all ordered by the Customers goods are completed and ready for shipment, an e-mail about the completion of orders is sent. The Customer will receive the last message informing about the status of orders when the order will be shipped to the Customer.

4.4 The Orders are delivered to the Customer via courier or the Polish Post.

4.5. Changes in the order, cancellation of orders under the conditions described in the Terms are possible through contact with the Store at office@amidown.eu

4.6 The Customer can cancel the order by sending an e-mail to the address office@amidown.eu. Customer may not cancel orders that have already been sent. Sending a request for cancellation of the order, the Customer should provide data enabling unambiguous identification of the order, e.g. The order number.

4.7 In case of canceled orders when the Customer has already paid for the Order, the Service Provider will return the amount paid within 3 working days after receiving notification of cancellation of the order.

4.8 It is recommended that the Customer receiving the shipment checked its condition, and in case of damage or defects contents of the shipment – wrote a damage courier protocol.

The courier should have the appropriate protocol model. This is best done at the moment of receiving the shipment. In case of damage to the contents of the shipment after the courier has driven away, please contact immediately the courier company (the phone is on consignment letter) and request the re-arrival of the courier to write the protocol.


5.1. When making a payment, you can use, among others, the following forms of payment:

– Payment by bank transfer,

– Payment by credit card (VISA, Master Card)

– Electronic payment instruments offered by third parties (e.g. PayPal).


6.1. Complaints should be submitted in writing to the address of the Service Provider. A complain must be submitted to the Provider with defective goods and proof of purchase and filled the complaint document (description of the complaint, the scope of the complaint) to the following address: Amidown David Mielczarski Szyszyńskie Holendry 308, 62-561 Ślesin. When submitting a complaint the Customer can use the model set out in the tab Letter of complaint

6.2. The Service Provider will consider the complaint within 14 days of the complaint and notify the Customer of the measure taken as to resolve the complaint.

6.3. In case the complaint is accepted, the goods repaired or the complaint was rejected as unfounded, the Service Provider promptly return the goods by courier or Polish Post, to the address the Complainant, unless it is fixed with Him another form of transfer of the goods. If the seller at the request of the Claimant reduced the price of the goods or has to pay the price of goods, such a claim will be executed by the Seller, using the same method of payment, which was used by the Customer, unless the Complainant has expressly agreed to a different way of return, which is not binding for him any costs.

6.4. Seller informs the Consumer about the possibility of using extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and claims, among others, via the Internet platform ODR available on the website http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


7.1. Within 14 days of receipt of goods, there is the possibility of their return

The returned product must be in the same condition, unless a change was necessary in order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods and did not go beyond the customary use of the Goods. The buyer should return the product in the quantitative and qualitative composition in which it was received (subject to the previous sentence). It must be ensured that the goods were safely packed in foil and cardboard to avoid the risk of damage during transport.

7.2. If, after receipt of the goods the Customer finds defects he should send it by mail to the address of the Store.

7.3. We do not accept shipments sent COD.

7.4. The basis of acceptance of the return is to join a sales document. In addition, please provide bank account number, in order for us to transfer the amount of the refund for the goods.

7.5. Upon receipt of the goods we pay its value to a designated bank account within 3 working days. You can exchange the goods for another product in our offer, by prior arrangement

7.6. Withdrawing from the contract, the Customer can use the model statement of withdrawal from the contract in the Annex hereto and in the „Statement of withdrawal from a distance contract or a contract away from business premises” tab in the Online Store.

7.7 In case of withdrawal from the contract for the provision of services, the contract is considered void.


8.1 The administrator of your personal information in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on personal data protection (Dz. U. of 2014., Pos. 1182 as amended) (the „Act on the Protection of Personal Data”) is the Service Provider.

8.2 During the registration process in the Online Store, the Customer gives personal information voluntarily.

8.3 The service provider processes the personal data of Customers in order to fulfill the orders.

8.4 Providing the Customer personal data is voluntary, but it is necessary to place orders and the possible conclusion and execution of the sales contract.

8.5 The Service Provider does not share your personal information with third parties.

8.6 The Service Provider processes the Customer personal data for marketing purposes only with the consent of the Customer.

8.7 The Customer has the right to amend, update, correct, demand to stop processing or removal of his personal data processed by the Service Provider if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected by the Service Provider in violation of the law, or they are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected.

8.8 The Customer agrees that by accepting the relevant clause to send him Newsletter and other commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (Dz. U. of 2013., Pos. 1422).

8.9 The Customer may at any time unsubscribe from the Newsletter and other commercial information.

8.10 All submissions for the Customer personal data should be reported directly by the Customer by logging into account and update the data stated therein, or by sending a request to the appropriate e-mail address office@amidown.eu.


9.1 In matters not regulated in the Terms the provisions of Polish law, especially Act of 24 June 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, pos. 827), the Act of 23 April 1964. – Civil Code (Dz. U. of 2014. pos. 121, as amended. chg.

9.2. All names of products offered for sale by the Store are used for identification purposes and may be protected and reserved on the basis of the Industrial Property Law, the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

9.3. It is forbidden to use any material published on the Store website (including pictures and descriptions of goods) without the written consent of the Store.

9.4. These Terms apply in relation to orders placed after 20th Sep. 2016r.

9.5. The Customer declares that the data provided by his Service provider, particularly personal and corporate, delivery address and correspondence, are true and complete. In case of any data changes the Customer is obliged to inform the Store, through the updating of data in the account established during the registration process.