Relugan – because this is the nick name of medical skin. This medical sheepskin is tanned with the use of plant tanning agents without toxic chrome compounds and chlorine, which is harmful to people and the environment.
As a result, these skins have a nice, warm, yellow color and silky, fluffy hair. Sheepskins tanned this way are known as medical skins and are recommended as leather „sheets“ by rheumatologists and physiotherapists for people suffering from rheumatism and joint ailments. Relugan is also safe for babies. This fully natural product may be used as a mat for a mattress, for a baby carriage or for playing, etc. Wool breathes and has thermoregulation properties, which is especially important for the youngest children. A baby sleeping directly on this kind of skin sweats less and does not freeze.

Dimensions of the skin: from 100 cm to 130 cm

Fur length: we offer 2 kinds of length of fur. Up to 2,5 cm and up to 5 cm. During placing an order,please make sure to let us know the length of the fur you want to buy. In case of luck of such decision we sent the skin which is currently available at our warehouse (2,5 cm or 5 cm).

On a special request of our clients, we can symmetrically shape the skin according to the template you see on the last picture with dimensions: 95 cm on 75 cm

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Skins offered by us come directly from the Polish tannery where they are tanned using eco-friendly means, they do not smell and does not reflect not a pleasant smell. Every skin is of natural origin different from each other details

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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