DIMENSION: 100 cm diameter and 70-80cm high

FILLING: expanded plystyrene EPS



PRODUCED: natural grey lamb sheepskins.


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For the production of our beanbag we use only top quality sheepskin, tanned in the best Polish tanneries. Every skin used for the production of these poufs is carefully selected, so that you do not feel any discomfort, even when sitting on it naked. Our poufs perfectly complement every interior – they add character and warmth. They are extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Perfectly suitable for leaving rooms, to seat, relax, watch TV or socialize with friends and family members. This pouf is made for one adult person, but it can fit 2 kids which can comfortably lay down on the beanbag and play their electronic devices. Parents can have time for themselves.

We have placed an additional case inside of the pouf. The case is filled with the highest class granulate with the hygienic certificate PZH NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH. On the bottom we sewed in the instant lock on the whole diameter of the puff. Thanks to which you can easily take the additional case out from the pouf without the fear that the content of the case will fall out on the floor. You can take the whole sheepskin case to the chemical laundry in order to clean up the skins. How to take care of your sheepskins products? Click here to find out more. Thanks to this our beanbag will last us clean longer. Additionally this lock is masked by genuine skins to protect the floor from scratches  All is sewed together carefully.

Do you have any expectations concerning the shape, size and kind of skin? Contact us and we will create a product that meets your needs.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 80 cm


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