Sheepskins decorative

Sheepskins are original decorations, perfect for every interior. Being naturally soft and warm, sheepskins are ideal for all kinds of small carpets as well as chair and armchair throws. They are particularly suitable for Scandinavian interiors, wooden houses and homes with fireplaces. The raw material is obtained from sheep and rams of different age. The age and breed of an animal decides about the size of a ready sheepskin as well as the length of hair and the natural white or slightly yellow color. Our decorative skins have been tanned in a full tanning process with the use of a plant or chromium method.

We break the stereotypes that sheepskins only fit into traditional homes. We show people that this wonderful, small piece of home addition, gives modern houses a bit of tradition and warmth. Sheepskins fits all kind of homes. Over time, people see the beauty of skins and are more and more open to breaking the look of their homes by adding sheepskin into their interiors.

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