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Having comfort and well-being of children in mind, our offer includes also a sheepskin baby sleeping bags. Sheep wool is a natural, organic product with anti-allergic properties. It has numerous health effects. It is irreplaceable when it comes to keeping your baby warm. This product will satisfy even the most demanding parents.

A versatile sleeping bag fits the majority of prams available on the market. Thanks to a useful fastening, you can put your baby inside the sleeping bag in a fast and easy manner. In addition, our sleeping bags are equipped with 3-point openings intended for seat belts.
The inner layer is made of sheep wool to maintain the natural process of skin breathing, as well as to prevent excessive heating and cooling of the body. It guarantees healthy and peaceful sleep. Sheep skin does not dissipate heat, thus preventing excessive cooling during winter.
Wool effectively absorbs sweat and does not transfer it back when in contact with the body. Absorbed water and smell are dissipated only during airing of the sheep wool which results in constant freshness. What is more, sheep wool does not absorb moisture from the outside. Thanks to the presence of lanoline, it prevents dust and moisture from accumulation; therefore, it is resistant to mites.
Our offer covers various models and sizes.

We highly recommend sleeping bags made of RELUGAN medical leather. These are sheepskins tanned with the use of tanning agents of vegetable origin that do not contain toxic chromium compounds and chlorine, harmful to people and the environment.

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