Each of us is looking for, comfort and luxury. We equip our homes that way, to feel comfortable . We also looked for such products … We have created a sheepskin beanbag, on which each member of the family can feel comfortable and find soothing after a hard day .

Kids love our beanbag, is of soft, fluffy, adapts to the body, ideal for lazing in front of the TV or reading a book … .

We present the innovative sheepskin beanbag, luxurious, very comfortable, can be a complement to the original design, to give them character.

Our beanbag is incredibly comfortable and luxurious, well-suited to the living room , children’s rooms but also in the bedroom. Beanbag will be the ideal place to relax for each household. Children love it. Thanks to our innovative pouf you can live and rest in the nature.

For the production of our poufs, we use only top quality sheepskin, tanned in the best Polish tanneries. Every skin used for the production of these poufs is carefully selected, so that you do not feel any discomfort, even when sitting on it naked. Our poufs perfectly complement every interior – they add character and warmth. They are extremely comfortable and luxurious.
They are made of various kinds of leather, with long, straight or short hair, depending on your preferences.

We also offer a beanbag which is produced from GENUINE MEDICAL SHEEPSKINS, tanned in the best Polish tanneries with the use of plant tanning agents without toxic chrome compounds and chlorine. They have a characteristic yellow color and very nice, fluffy to the touch fur. The ideal product for children, people with arthritis or problems with joints .

Do you have your expectations as to the shape, size, or type of skin? Contact to us, we will create for you what you expect . Please check our offer.

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