Sheepskins are the original ornaments outstanding performance in every apartment. Naturally soft and warm , makes that the sheep skins are perfect for all kinds of rugs and bedspreads or fits on chairs and armchairs. Ideally suits for interiors designed in the Scandinavian style , to the wooden houses and houses with fireplaces.

The raw material is extracted from both sheep and rams at different ages. Just on the age and breed of the animal depends on the size of the finished sheepskin , as well as the length of the hair and the natural color of white or slightly yellowish. Decorative sheepskins are tanned in the full process of tanning using vegetable or chrome plants.

In our offer you will also find the skin that can be washed in home conditions (domestic washing machine). These skins are tanned using the latest innovative technology which we know only a few tanners in Poland. As a result, the skin will serve us for years. Its use is functional, dedicated to those who appreciate the freshness or suffer from allergic conditions . And it works in everyday use places where children spend a lot of time. Special attention we would like to pay to our medical skins, so called Relugan.  This medical sheepskin is tanned with the use of plant tanning agents without toxic chrome compounds and chlorine, which is harmful to people and the environment. As a result, these skins have a nice, warm, yellow color and silky, fluffy hair. Sheepskins tanned this way are known as medical skins and are recommended as leather „sheets“ by rheumatologists and physiotherapists for people suffering from rheumatism and joint ailments. Relugan is also safe for babies and pregnant women. Soft touch, fluffy fur has anti-stress and relaxing rule.

We have carefully selected the top manufacturers and suppliers of natural products. We are fully aware of the quality of the goods provided by each of our partners. We have learned about their process of production. We truly believe that our success is their success and the success of our future customer

We offer a wide selection of skins:

  • LAMB
  • DYED

See for yourself , and give your interior a unique character .

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