WollFeather and down


Wool has been known to us since the ancient times. Sheep were probably domesticated as early as ca. 6000 BC. The earliest products made of it are dated to ca. 4000 BC. In Roman times, wool, together with linen and leather, was worn by the entire population. Nobody heard about cotton at that time, while silk was an extravagant luxury.

Wool is a natural fibre obtained from animal hair. Wool fibre has certain characteristic features that make it perfect for the production of high quality textile products. These features include: perfect thermal insulation properties, high hygroscopicity (moisture absorption), UV absorption, excellent sound-absorbent quality, stain resistance.

Our company offers various kinds of wool: raw, washed, short, long, white, mixed black

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Wool improves the physical and mental condition

as it ensures continuous sleep during the deep phase, which is the best for the body to rest, regenerate and oxygenate itself. A healthy and peaceful sleep is ensured by the hair dynamics. Hair dynamics is the shrinking and loosening of hair depending on the temperature. When it is warm, the hair losses, letting the excess heat out; when it is cold, the hair shrinks, making the wool retain the heat. It is one of the most important wool properties, which make a wool bedding maintain the temperature of our body. It is very important, because when we are covered too tightly, we get overheated, and when we uncover, we become cold, which poses a risk of getting a cold and causes a restless, broken sleep.

Wool eliminates positive ions that are harmful to the body, replacing them with negative ions

this causes that we feel well rested, we are not hyperactive, our muscle pain is reduced and our immunity increases. Wool causes that the affected muscles are continuously and gently heated, which reduces their tension and pain and stimulates nerve endings as a preventive measure.

Wool does not allow your body to sweat 

as it lets the excess heat out thanks to its hair properties. Wool is highly hygroscopic, i.e. it may absorb and hold a large amount of moisture. That is why wool products absorb human sweat very well. Moisture content reaches even 33%, but it is not wet to the touch . Covers should be made of 100% natural fabrics (cotton, linen). If one cannot or does not like sleeping naked, a night gown or pyjamas must be made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk). Sleeping in a nightwear with synthetic fibers, we will wake up sweaty and tired. We will put the blame on the bedding, while it is not the bedding that is to blame, but the fabric that our nightwear is made of. Plastics produce positive ions and, as a consequence, disturb, or even upset one’s body, which results in tiredness, muscle pain, immunity decrease and hyperactivity.


Light soiling on wool products should be dry-cleaned.
Dissolve the washing agent intended for wool, containing lanoline in a small amount of water having the temperature of 30 °C, bring to foam, dip a soft sponge in the foam and rub the dirty surface.

  • For heavier soiling, wet cleaning is recommended.
  • Water hand washing in detergents containing lanoline for wool.
  • Wash in the temperature of 30 °C by pressing, do not squeeze.
  • Hang wet.
  • Wait until fully dry.
  • Do not iron, do not spin-dry.
  • Protect against the sun.

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Everyone who has been looking for a good quality of feathers, sooner or later comes to Poland. It is well know not from today that the Polish goose feathers are recognizable as the best specie all over the world. To get the products from the goose about the desirable quality by the consumer it is necessary to select the suitable genotype and maintenance in the suitable conditions of the environment.

Polish white goose is recognizable as the best specie thanks to its biggest down clusters, highest filling power, color and density.  Polish geese are carefully raised by family owned farmers, adult goose weights 7-13 kgs, growing up in a nonpareil quiet surroundings. All this makes Polish goose most desirable product all over the world. Feathers and down offer by our company are perfect fillings for garment, bedding, upholstery  and outdoor production. We offer goose and duck feathers which comes from the slaughterhouse

On a special request of a customer we are able to prepare almost all kind of feather and down qualities according to Europena and Asian norms.

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  • white goose slaughter feathers, containing 33-35% of down and 0% of duck
  • white goose down washed and non-washed, containing 92%, 90%, 85%, 80% 70% of pure down and with a range of filling power from 700 to 900+ cuins
  • white duck slaughter feathers containing 17-20% of down
  • white duck down washed and non-washed, containing 90%, 80% and 70% of pure down
  • grey goose down washed and non-washed, 80%-90% of down and 0% of duck
  • grey goose down washed and non-washed, 80%-90% of down and 10% of duck
  • duck and goose feathers and down mix, containing 30-35% of pure down
  • duck and goose feathers from 3 cm to 12 cm long