To maintain the desired look of your sheepskin rug you should take care of it in the proper way.

To prevent settling dust, mites and odors, your sheepskin rug should be properly ventilated and shaken out from time to time.

If your sheepskin does get wet then dry it outside away from the sun. Giving your sheepskin a good shake outside and regular brushing will help maintain the wool fibers. You may use a wide tooth metal brush, normally associated with dogs, but is equally good for brushing out sheepskin rugs.

If you need to wash your sheepskin, any small spillage should be immediately cleaned with a clean damp cloth and light wool detergent. You should avoid washing the whole sheepskin.

Do not use biological washing powders, soap based powders or any detergent containing enzymes. DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry on a radiator, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT wash in hot water.

Please note that your sheepskin is a natural and unique product and it may differ from any other sheepskin.

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