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Polish down and feathers

Quality in harmony with nature

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Everyone who is looking for high quality goose down will find the Polish market sooner or later. It is widely known that products from Polish goose are considered as top quality brands. In order to get goose products of the quality desired by the consumer, it is necessary to select an appropriate genotype and to maintain it in appropriate environmental conditions.

The Polish white goose is recognized as the best species from which the highest quality feathers and down can be obtained. The pure white color of feathers, large developed down and their cohesiveness make Polish goose feathers one of the most desirable qualities in the world.


Feathers and down offered by our company are ideal for production of duvets, pillows, jackets, sleeping bags and upholstery products.

Quality that doesn’t need to be advertised

Quality that doesn’t need to be advertised

Top quality

Polish Koluda Goose

premium class

Incredible Filling Power

Our downs have 700 – 900 of filling power

Snow-white color

Polish Koluda Goose is a pure white color without dark spots

100% Eco

Recoverable / biodegradable / renewable

In our veins must flow down


Dawid Mielczarski – creator of AMIDOWN

For several years he is passionate about the world of down and feathers, but now he is connected to the business for good. He is the creator of AMIDOWN and LUXURY SWEET DREAMS brand. Privately: Travel enthusiast, fan of good food, foreign languages, passionate about expeditions. He enjoys meeting new people and their culture. He is interested in almost everything. He always says that he will go on a trip of a lifetime to the far corners of the world, and looking at his work and enthusiasm, he will surely make this dream come true.


He is passionate about life as much as he is passionate about natural down and feather fillings. And this has been going on for 13 years now. There is nothing about down that David doesn’t know. However, he repeats that this is an ocean of knowledge, which he constantly intends to explore.

The highest quality: Polish Koluda Goose


More than 98% of all geese in Poland are Koluda Geese. This goose, officially recognized as a breed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2012, comes from the Zootechnics Institute Koluda Wielka. This goose is characterized not only by its delicious meat, but also the best quality of down and feathers in the world. Thanks to Koluda Goose, Poland is the third largest exporter of down.


Although goose down is appreciated all over the world, Japanese people are particularly fond of it. Every year Japan receives over 100 tons of goose down, where it is mostly used in the production of pillows and duvets. Impeccable and attentive to the smallest details, the Japanese are the best ambassadors of Polish goose and enthusiasts of its down.

Velvety white feathers, resistance to summer heat and winter frosts. This is the Polish Koluda Goose. Fed with oats and grazing slowly in natural conditions.

The excellent quality of goose down and feathers used in our production is influenced not only by a fantastic genotype of geese, but also by the technology of breeding based on animal friendly conditions. Taking care of geese well-being we provide them with: microclimate rooms, feeding with natural forage and oats as well as spacious runs and pastures.

Because we are trying to live in harmony with nature, respecting the world of plants and animals around us, we want the products we create to come from truly happy animals. Down and feathers of the Polish Koluda Goose confirm the well-known rule that the best is what comes 100% from nature.

Polish export no.1


Geese have been bred on Polish lands for hundreds of years, however, they gained an international reputation in the 19th century, when more than 3.5 million live geese were sold at the Warsaw commodity exchange. Even before World War II goose meat was regularly served in Polish restaurants. Currently, although we are the largest producer of this meat in Europe, its consumption is small, but it is gradually increasing.

The goose hit, an export product, increasingly popular also in Poland, is an exceptionally tasty Oat Goose. The breed was developed thanks to the work of scientists from the Institute of Zootechnics in Kołuda Wielka near Inowroclaw city. The goose was imported there from Denmark as White Italian Goose. Breeding work began immediately after its import. Then, the whole population was divided into 2 lines. The meat family and the non-meat family. The combination of these 2 lines works perfectly as an Oat Goose.

The combination of these two lines resulted in the Oat Goose producing feathers of the highest quality in the world. The resilience of down from the White Koluda goose is the highest of all studied in the world. This resilience makes the product highly desired as a filling for duvets, alpinist jackets and various confectionary clothing.

Large, well-developed down

Down clusters are made up of millions of fluffy little bundles th at intertwine to hold air. More down bundles, the better thermoinsulating properties the down has. A goose down feather is made up of almost 2 million fluffy rays, which will keep your body perfectly warm.

Pure white color

Feathers and down from Polish goose are perfect for delicate duvets or pillows. Goose down has a consistent, white color without stains and spots and during production it is carefully cleaned of dust particles. Thanks to that the color of down stays hidden under the product covers.

Filling power, light construction

Down from Polish goose is characterized by high resilience. Products with this down can be freely squashed and it will return to its original shape. That is why pillows or jackets with goose down are so comfortable and durable. In addition, one grain of goose down weighs no more than 0.002 g, so quilts are very light.

Down and feathers of the Polish Muscovy duck


The white Muscovy duck is usually seen in the south-eastern region of Poland. Cold, wind and rain – the climate doesn’t spoil these ducks. Fortunately, their dense feathering is able to protect them from the cold and moisture.


Duck down has a very high buoyancy – thousands of feathery branches in each ball intertwine with each other to keep the heat under the duvet. At the same time, duck down allows air to circulate freely and wicks moisture away from the body.


Muscovy duck down is perfectly white and doesn’t show even through the most delicate product covers. The process of duck feather production in our factory removes the unpleasant smell characteristic of ducks.

Duck down is slightly less flexible than goose down, but it also provides a resilient filling. The high density of duck down means that a relatively small amount of down provides heat. The balls of down can float freely in the chambers of duvets or jackets, making them soft, fluffy, and very durable at the same time.

Fall into a soft sleep

Sleep inspired by nature

Meet our Luxury Sweet Dreams brand.
Pillows and duvets made with 100% pure down and feathers

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