Amidown was created with passion and love for natural products and unique interiors .

Inspired by the nature, style of Scandinavian design, we create and deliver products that are very comfortable  and makes that the interior gain a unique atmosphere.

We value and respect family businesses where great importance is the attention to details and the highest quality . We create according to the Polish tradition ” handmade in Poland” – we are pride that our products come from Poland

What do we offer

We offer only products that we were given by mother nature such as: genuine decorative sheepskins, cowhides, reindeers, Scandinavian horses (ponies) as well as fully finished products made from  such skins.

Additionaly we specialize in feathers and down from duck and goose. Such products are used for bedding production, cushions, quilts as well for garments, jackets, outdoor, sleeping bags or blankets and many more.

All our products will find use in various places, situations and needs. Will make your house cozy and warm.

According to the nature

We have carefully selected the top manufacturers and suppliers of natural products. We are fully aware of the quality of the goods provided by each of our partners. We have learned about their process of production. We truly believe that our success is their success and the success of our future customers

Amidown brings together the largest number of tanneries, manufactures, feather and down processing plants, farmers and slaughterhouses in Poland